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Jeremy Wilson
Engineering Professor
Modesto Junior College
(209) 575-6929


Welcome to MJC Engineering

wilson pictureWelcome to the faculty home page of Jeremy Wilson, Engineering professor at Modesto Junior College. All course documentation is available here in PDF format for all enrolled students. You will also find my office hours and relevant web resources for engineering students.

My mission in the department of Engineering is based on providing quality, college-level coursework that is relevant to the field. My desire is to enable all students to pursue further education at a 4-year university, whether in the field of engineering or any technical field. My teaching philosophy also includes:

  • Recognizing my role in enabling students to succeed at the college level.
  • Providing advising to students in their educational career.
  • Being accessible to students in and out of the classroom.


Syllabus & Documents

To access a syllabus (or other course related document), choose the course link on the left. Note that not every class is offered every semester. All files are in PDF format and require a password to open (except for the syllabus for each course). Email me if you are enrolled in a class and have forgotten the password.

What to Expect

Engineering and related technology courses are known to contain subject matter than can be difficult. While this may be the case, it is my belief that students are capable of mastering a subject when study habits are strong and mentoring is available. I aim to be available as much as possible to my students in order to make the learning process an enjoyable and fruitful one.

Contact Me

In order to contact me, it is best to email me at My office phone number is (209) 575-6929, but I do not check my voicmail as often as I check my email.

My office is located on the West Campus of MJC in the Ansel Adams building (Room 205D). My office hours are posted on the door as well as here.


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